Our Mission

Mission: To spread love through providing healing superfoods for your everyday enjoyment!

Love Your Belly Foods is a husband & wife team who explores the plant kingdom thoroughly to find the finest superfoods for our community! This commitment to our community includes caring for our environment & animal friends, which is why we always package our products in compostable packaging (even our labels are compostable). We also donate 3% of all profits to animal sanctuary Heartwood Haven. They save hundreds of animals each year, and give them a safe home.


Co-founder Galen Rogerson has been passionate about food since childhood and has worked professionally with food for more than 14 years. He is committed to learning more about the healing properties of plants, and how to properly prepare them for your daily enjoyment. You can usually find him experimenting in his kitchen, eating tempeh, hiking nature's beautiful trails, and playing with his children. 


Co-founder Kendra Rogerson became passionate about healthy living through medicinal plants and nutrient dense superfoods when she became a mother and knew she wanted to provide her family with the best. She loves crafting products and infusing different flavors together for blissful creations. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our grassroots company, we wish you the best in your journey!